Open letter from the Wales Director for BASW Cymru to the Minister for Community Safety

provides a space for practitioners to go beneath the surface of their work, to consider the emotional impact of the work, the unquestioned assumptions and biases they bring, varying perspectives (including theoretical perspectives) and ethical dilemmas inherent in social work practice. By adopting a ‘not knowing’ stance, both supervisor and supervisee explore practice situations with curiosity rather than fixed solutions.

This approach enables social workers to develop self-awareness, critical thinking and sound decision making”

Another open letter to Ash Denham, Minister for Community Safety, appears today in support of Liam McArthur’s amendment 40 to section 8 of the Children (Scotland) Bill:

Liam McArthur

40 In section 8, page 16, line 20, at end insert—

<( ) Only a social worker registered with the Scottish Social Services Council may be appointed as a child welfare reporter.>

That letter, below, is from Allison Hulmes, National Director for Wales, BASW Cymru. Allison Hulmes is a registered social worker and holds a first degree in law and so is well placed to inform the Minister and MSPs about the relative merits of social workers versus solicitors when they consider amendment 40 to section 8 of the Children (Scotland) Bill in the final, stage 3, debate on Tuesday 25 August.


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