Leading the Profession?

Social Work Scotland is pleased to see social workers’ unique skills and value acknowledged, and we believe social workers are indeed well equipped to undertake the role. However, we oppose the amendment on the grounds that children’s interests will be best served by ensuring courts can access a broad pool of Child Welfare Reporters, reflecting a mix of professional backgrounds, each of whom is properly equipped to undertake this sensitive, complex and critically important task.

Kathryn Lindsay
Convener, Social Work Scotland

On the eve of the stage 3 debate on the Children (Scotland) Bill, Social Work Scotland (formerly known as the Association of Directors of Social Work), sent MSPs a quite extraordinary letter from which the quote above is taken:

There will be further analysis of the contents of this letter on this site in the coming days, but its content clearly reflects the Minister’s position to a quite remarkable extent. You may recall from an earlier post that Social Work Scotland received £839,949.72 in funding from the Scottish Government in 2019-20.

In any event, this letter proved very influential on the day of the debate when it was cited no less than six times:

Social Work Scotland provided a considered submission yesterday, in which it says that it opposes amendment 40. I find that particularly persuasive, not least given its point that no detailed analysis has been done to ascertain whether the proposal is viable. On that basis, we will vote against the amendment.

Liam Kerr

The amendment is not supported by Social Work Scotland …

Rona Mackay

I place particular weight on the submission that we received yesterday from Social Work Scotland, which opposes amendment 40. I do not think that the amendment is helpful.

James Kelly

It is telling that Social Work Scotland has said that it does not agree with the amendment.

Fulton MacGregor

However, I have to note that, given the positions taken by Social Work Scotland and the Scottish Association of Social Work, it appears that there is a disagreement between those two elements of the same sector.

Liam McArthur

I commend the social work representatives for coming forward, as that is what those in a workplace-representative body should do, and Social Work Scotland’s position is perhaps disappointing.

John Finnie

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  1. Private and Confidential

    Why did Social Work Scotland not support the amendment? How many social workers were involved in that decision? In other words ,who made that decision for Social Work Scotland!

    How can we best serve our children’s welfare through the complex and difficult family courts when those with the most experience and qualifications in child welfare don’t want to support children and families in this? It makes no sense to me as someone who has experience of a solicitor as a Child Welfare Reporter, who did not use safeguarding methods when a child of 4 reported abuse. There was many assumptions made and very little provable statements. Recommendations made and followed by the courts without any real opportunity to challenge a report that fell short of being, “In the best interest of the child”. A statement easily stated in family court law.

    I believe if social workers or others with a similar qualifications had undertook the report matters would have been quite different. Serious mental health issues were raised and not properly investigated either. Professionals involved in the care of the child and family were spoken to briefly reducing their involvement, experience And qualifications. The young child was spoken to in the parents home and matters of safeguarding were not raised for further investigation.

    There was no opportunity to raise concerns or objections to the reporter or report.

    I had hoped that with the review of the Children’s Bill it would have made a difference. From what I see there will be little change. There will still be inconsistencies in report writing and no opportunities to raise or make complaints. This should be allowed before going to the sheriff as I now know and it seems solicitors know recommendations are mainly followed.

    A Grandmother who raised a child in formative years.

    Please do not quote my full name if publishing my response


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