Open letter from the Wales Director for BASW Cymru to the Minister for Community Safety

“provides a space for practitioners to go beneath the surface of their work, to consider the emotional impact of the work, the unquestioned assumptions and biases they bring, varying perspectives (including theoretical perspectives) and ethical dilemmas inherent in social work practice. By adopting a ‘not knowing’ stance, both supervisor and supervisee explore practice situations with curiosity rather... Continue Reading →

Dr Child warned us in 2018

"If we allow our MSPs to be duped into creating this absurd legislation, it will be like giving licence for boy scouts to do open-heart surgery." That quote, from the article below was originally published in April 2018 in Scottish Review. In it, Dr Child talks about what was then "a forthcoming review" by Scottish... Continue Reading →

Impact Statement

As soon as the Child Welfare Reporter was appointed, I asked my solicitor what qualifications this person, a local solicitor, had to entitle her to undertake such complex & sensitive tasks involving our children. From my solicitor’s clear discomfort it was apparent I’d touched a raw nerve. As time went on I became increasingly concerned... Continue Reading →

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