Scottish Government Letter

The Scottish Government are however keen to encourage more non-lawyers to become Child Welfare Reporters. We think a diversity of experience in the role of Child Welfare Reporter would be beneficial to the process. We have committed to undertaking a public consultation on the training and skills required to be a Child Welfare Reporter.Hannah FrodshamFamily... Continue Reading →

The Minister’s plans …

"The qualifications and experience required to be a Child Welfare Reporter will be set by secondary legislation. … We would expect that these criteria would not exclude lawyers …"Government Response to Stage 1 Report para 105 Ash Denham is Minister for Community Safety. This article examines the development of section 8 of the Children (Scotland)... Continue Reading →

Open letter from the Wales Director for BASW Cymru to the Minister for Community Safety

“provides a space for practitioners to go beneath the surface of their work, to consider the emotional impact of the work, the unquestioned assumptions and biases they bring, varying perspectives (including theoretical perspectives) and ethical dilemmas inherent in social work practice. By adopting a ‘not knowing’ stance, both supervisor and supervisee explore practice situations with curiosity rather... Continue Reading →

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