A Social Worker compares England and Scotland

Summary: Social workers are fully trained and specialised over many years and have far more appropriate and independent skills to provide these reports to Family Courts. Children’s social workers’ whole ethos is the welfare of children and they do not have any other aim of their professional role. Lawyers will have a few days training... Continue Reading →

A Parent

"In the end I instructed my solicitor to write formally to ask [the Child Welfare Reporter, another local solicitor] to set out what qualifications and training entitled her to undertake the work she had done with our family. At that point my solicitor refused point blank to challenge her and when pressed, withdrew from acting... Continue Reading →

Children (Scotland) Bill Stage 3 Debate. Amend Section 8. Last chance to get this right for Scotland’s children.

For over 30 years Scottish courts have been appointing private practice solicitors as Child Welfare Reporters to carry out welfare assessments of children and their families. The overwhelming majority of those solicitors have no qualifications, training or relevant skill to entitle them to carry out such sensitive and challenging work. Worse still is that Scottish... Continue Reading →

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